"All these things" deluxe vinyl pre-orders!

OH HEY! In lieu of potentially doing a Kickstarter, I wanted to gauge how much interest there was in potentially purchasing a vinyl for this record before I committed the money to do that (it's pretty pricey!). Here's what's included in this deluxe vinyl:

  • 12" vinyl with original art work
  • "All These Things" EP - Side A will contain the 4 new studio tracks from my soon to be released EP
    1. All These Things
    2. Old Friends
    3. California
    4. Broken
  • "Live To Tape at Degraw Sound: the ALL THESE THINGS sessionLuke Buck and the Stops Here - Side B will contain 3 tracks from our Live To Tape session at Degraw Sound.
    • All These Things (live)
    • Old Friends (live)
    • California (live)
  • An email for an included download link to the "All These Things" EP, available after Oct. 20th.

All that for somewhere around $20, plus tax and shipping.

Pretty cool, huh? 

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