Luke Buck and the Stops Here - Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2, 11/13/16

Another super fun show at Rockwood Music Hall on Stage 2! We got to play all the songs off the "Dark Matter EP as well as try out some groovy new tunes, AND play a super secret cover: ANGELS OF THE SILENCES by Counting Crows.  All in all, we all had a blast!

I was on vocals, piano, acoustic, and electric guitar; Per Ohrstrom on electric guitar; Chris Stangroom on electric guitar; Jed Nimitz on bass, Tom Richards on drums, Andrew Devine on saxophone, and Rachel Epp on vocals.

Set List-

  • All These Things
  • Mistakes
  • Cool. Hot.
  • Feelings
  • Our Lives Lately
  • Old Friends
  • Alone
  • I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight
  • Angels of the Silences (Counting Crows Cover)
  • Intro / Dark Matter
  • Jenny
Lucas Buck