rockwood music hall

One Week until Rockwood!

Our next show is one week away, and I gotta say, I'm pretty pumped about it.  Not only are we debuting a new, never-been-heard-before song, but we're playing a brand new super secret cover that has been on my top 20 songs of all-time list for the last 20 years.  Hint-hint: 20 years... I think you can't properly cover a song if its not 20 years old, and this baby just turned legal!  ...That sounded kinda dirty...

Anyway, can't wait to share it with you all, and see your beautiful faces!

The Luke Buck Trio-Quattro - Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1 - 1/21/17

Another super fun show in the books, and this one had a theme: MY BIRTHDAY! ...And the release of my music video for "I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight"!  ...And they gave me a Saturday night at 8pm so I think they may just like us!

We played as a Trio with Me on Vocals, Piano, and Guitar, Jed Nimitz on Bass, and Tom Richards on Drums and Vocals.

Set List:

  • Intro / Dark Matter / Jenny
  • The Way I Am
  • California
  • Mistakes
  • Old Friends
  • Man In The Mirror (Michael Jackson cover)
  • All These Things
  • Feelings
  • I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight

Photos by Joe Hicks